Push Push Cat — Play & Earn Guide

2 min readAug 28, 2023



dCube(DCB) is an InGame Token linked to the blockchain game platform ‘GemHUB’ and an exclusive token of ‘Play dCUBE’ exchangeable for GHUB, the GemHUB’s governance token. DCB can be earned playing games of ‘Play dCUBE’ and swapped using a MiniApp on KMINT, the multi-chain integrated wallet as an official wallet of GemHUB.



Candy is a special currency in Push Push Cat, which can be exchanged for dCube, or vice versa.

# How to Earn:

① Clear the bonus stages

  • There are the bonus stages every 5 or 10 stages.
  • Candy is rewarded by clearing these stages.
  • Note that you can get more Candys by clearing the bonus stages in TRAVEL MODE.

② Be Rankers

  • Collect PAWS by clearing stages.
  • The more PAWS you collect, the higher your rank is.
  • Cady reward is given to top rankers after the end of a season.

# Utility:

  • Heart to play stages of Home and Ticket to play stages of Travel can be purchased using Candy.


  • Must be 6 level or higher to exchange Candy ↔ DCB through Push Push Cat MiniApp.
  • Your account is leveled up every when 100 PAWS are collected. It means that you need to collect more than 500 PAWS to reach 6 level.