Jelly Snake — Play & Earn Guide


Purple Gem

Purple Gem

Purple Gem is a special currency in Jelly Snake, which can be exchanged for dCube.

# How to Earn:

① Clear Stage (Clear Reward)

  • When clearing a stage 10 or higher, Purple Gem can be earned. When clearing the same stage next time, Gold is dropped.

② Be Rankers (Ranking Reward)

  • Play [ Challenge Mode ] and Be the longest snake! Depending on your record of challenge mode, you can receive more Purple Gems. A season is ongoing for 2 weeks and Purple Gem is rewarded to Rankers after the end of the season.

③ Get Medals

  • If you reach a specific record in [ Challenge Mode ] (100mm, 200mm…) and get medals, Purple Gem is rewarded with special snakes.

④ Deco & Snake Collection Rewards

  • There are various decorations and snakes in Jelly Snake. If collecting them all, you can receive Purple Gem.

# Utility:

  • Heart can be purchased using Purple Gem.

- [ Challenge Mode ] is available at Level 50
- Must be 50 level or higher to exchange Purple Gem for DCB using MiniApp.



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