Jelly Snake — Game Guide

Jelly Snake

  • Developer: UNIT5
  • Platform: Mobile (AOS)
  • Genre: Action
  • Key Features

-Simple but not easy one-touch jelly snake action
- Hundreds of levels with the obstacles that rotate, move and change.
- Simple at first, but more and more hard and amazing levels
- Over 40 kinds of jelly snake characters
- Tons of decorations can make your own cute Jelly Snake
- Fun to find various easter eggs hidden in the map


  • You have to collect all the candies with Jelly Snakes that rotate left and right each time you touch them.
  • Be careful not to hit obstacles, monsters, or even my tail.
  • You can reach higher levels only with your skills.
  • The higher stages you clear, the more rewards including Purple Gem can be earned!
  • Make the jelly snake the longest in the world in challenge mode unlocks at level 50.
  • Win medals in challenge mode and get special exclusive Jelly Snakes!
  • Check LEADER BOARD with your BEST SCORE of the season by playing [ Challenge Mode ]. Purple Gem Reward is given to Top Rankers!
  • Collect all candies from the map to exchange for cute snake decorations. If collecting all decos, you can get Purple Gem reward.
  • Earn new jelly snakes with rewards which you gain every time you clear a stage. If collecting all snakes, you can get Purple Gem reward as well.



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