Introduction to Push Push Cat & Play dCUBE

2 min readAug 14, 2023


Push Push Cat

‘Push Push Cat’ is a classic sliding puzzle blockchain-based game. Push the blocks and make a way to save the cute cats who have lost their homes!! You can adopt cute homeless cats in various themes and customize them and shoot selfies. You can meet many famous cats from around the world to empathize and heal. Cats who are more affectionate than their stomachs, please come and pet them now!

Play dCUBE

Let’s play games with dCUBE!
Play dCUBE is bringing the fun to the digital world. Various fun & casual blockchain-based games will be present to players around the world.


dCube(DCB) is an InGame Token linked to the blockchain game platform ‘GemHUB’ and an exclusive token of ‘Play dCUBE’ exchangeable for GHUB, a GemHUB’s governance token. DCB can be earned playing games of ‘Play dCUBE’ and swapped using a MiniApp on KMINT, a multi-chain integrated wallet.

Play dCUBE on GemHUB

GemHUB is a blockchain game platform project. As the global P&E game-oriented De-Fi project, it has begun with the idea that ‘Share the profits of P2E game business with gamers’, and aims for the blockchain service platform that ‘Easy and Convenient Entertaining.’
GemHUB(GHUB) is the GemHUB’s governance token and can be exchanged for DCB obtained from games of Play dCUBE or vice versa.


KMINT is a multi-chain integrated wallet. Virtual assets on the mainnets such as Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and Klaytn can be managed in one wallet of KMINT. Also, simple swap of tokens on Klaytn and highly scalable decentralized MiniApps are supported.
Players can swap dCUBE(DCB) for GHUB on KMINT and use a MiniApp for each game which allows you to exchange special currencies for DCB.