Find Bird — Game Guide

2 min readApr 19, 2023

Find Bird
‘Find Bird’ is a retro matching puzzle blockchain-based game.
Where have all the birds gone? Find all the cute birds who have left the bustling farm again!
You need to find your bird quickly before the birds run away.
The more birds you find, the more rewards you can earn!

  • Developer: UNIT5
  • Platform: Mobile (AOS)
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Key Features

Cute retro graphics and birds dancing at Find Bird.
Find all the birds in the birds’ book.
Bird levels up if you find many of the same kind.
Thief bird sometimes drop huge treasure chests.


  • Find birds quickly before the birds run away.
  • Find many of the same kind to level up birds and get rewards including Red Gem. Starting from leveling up the 4th bird, Red Gem is rewarded.
  • Sometimes a thief bird that has tremendous treasures appears.
  • You can buy and use items that help you find birds.
  • Unlock ACHIEVEMENTS to level up.
  • Play [ VS mode ] and challenge the ranking score.
  • The higher your rank as a result of VS mode is, the more scores you can get. Your score becomes 5 times(top 1), 3 times(top 2), 1 time(top 3) when being summed and reflected to your best score.
  • Best Score is the sum of all your scores during a season.
  • Check LEADER BOARD with your Best Score of the season. Red Gem reward is given to Top Rankers!
  • You are able to receive Gold as rewards, which is used to buy stickers. Collect all stickers and get Red Gem as collection reward.